SMP Pro Training Team Provides Online Instruction to Vo-Tech Schools

During the COVID-19 pandemic a majority of schools were forced to close their doors and practice distance learning.  This left many teachers in new, uncharted territory and scrambling for material to use with their students.  Fortunately the online arena is one that Standard Motor Products Pro Training team has been familiar with since 2008 when we began our Pro Training On-Demand program.  SMP has been able to provide 10 hours of pre-recorded online instruction and handouts to vo-tech instructors to use with their students.  So far over 110 schools ranging from Saipan to Maine and everywhere in between have taken advantage of this program and used our material to educate their students. 

Additionally, there are some areas where the teachers themselves have to obtain a certain amount of training each year in order to maintain their certifications.  In many states funding and programs have disappeared.  Through a partnership with Universal Technical Institute, SMP is providing training to teachers so that they can maintain their status as teachers.  The attached document was sent to teachers across the United States to alert them to this program. 

These are just several of the ways in which SMP is partnering with schools and industry to educate the technicians of today and tomorrow so we can keep the automotive aftermarket strong for years to come!