SMP Employees Supports Employees Impacted by Flooding in Reynosa

In July, over 90 of our employees suffered major damage to their homes and the loss of personal property. In response to the flooding, a relief effort was started to help offer financial support to those who were affected by the floods. In true SMP fashion, employees from all over banded together to raise money for our coworkers in need of help. In total, our employee donations totaled $15,802, and in addition to that, the company contributed $20,909, bringing the total to $36,711.

We wanted give special recognition to our Blue Streak employees in Canada. Soon after finding out about the flooding, Warehouse Manager, Dave Jones, and Warehouse Supervisor, Pauline White, announced that they would be holding a raffle to raise funds for Reynosa. Dave and Pauline, with help from Amanda Mustard and a number of other employees were able to put together a successful raffle. In just one week and only 32 employees plus contributions from the salesforce, they were able to raise the equivalent of $1,000.00 US. “We may be small but we are mighty,” says Wendy Fletcher.

Thank you to our team at Blue Streak! And thank you to all of our employees who participated in this important fundraiser, it is the collective efforts of our employees that make SMP the company that it is today.

To end, below we have shared some pictures of our Reynosa employees sending their thanks, along with a note from Merced Martinez: “From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You SMP family for brightening our world. When all seems lost, you give us hope that it will be alright and we will get through these rough times.” – Merced Martinez, Reynosa Engine Management Plant Manager

Reynosa Thank You.jpg