SMP Contributes Key Components to Ventilators


SMP's Temperature Control Division has delivered heat exchangers suitable for oxygen concentrators and oxygen generators, key components used in the production of medical ventilators. 

With the recent high demand for oxygen and ventilating equipment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SMP received an emergency request to deliver 1000 units this month. Because the factory maintains and manufactures to the strict standards and controls required for medical applications, SMP employees were able to swiftly turn around the needed units and expedite them to California. The SMP® heat exchangers play a key role in controlling the oxygen temperature and concentration in complete ventilator system operation.

Commenting on this initiative, Mike Carney, Vice President Temperature Control Division, SMP noted, “I couldn’t be prouder of our employees who were able to quickly convert our heat exchanger production line in these extreme times. By efficiently producing these critical components, we’re able to support potential life-saving efforts”.

SMP has committed to using its engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide support to the healthcare community during this exceptional time. In addition to supplying this critical ventilator component, SMP has designed and produced protective face covers for healthcare workers. Using 3D printing along with traditional assembly, SMP’s Poland facility will continue to manufacture and distribute these PPE’s to local hospitals.